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What I who is barely 22 years old want to say to the older people

Dear all older people who are like twice as old as me,
I'm proud of myself being a young girl who might be silly, just like you are proud of yourself being old enough to critically see the world. I have distinct energy and courage to make mistakes, but learn new things at the same time. I'm not expecting myself to be really matured in my 22nd year of life (which is probably like 20% of my life still) and to act like a real adult. I wish I could, but you know we can't be matured by tomorrow no matter how much we try. Maybe we might regret what we did in the future when we' re like 40th but I don't think it's truly bad. Everybody makes mistakes, and everybody has a little time when they are insanely rude, but we will eventually learn how we want other people to see us. I myself am still in the process of learning, and not necessarily in rush. I think it's ok to take time just like my older friends did. Therefore, please do not push me in rush. Please do not tell me off because I've probably noticed what you might say it's good or bad, but I just need time to process. I am NOT that stupid as you might think of me or young generations especially new graduates. You probably know more than me how that feels: no matter what we hear, it doesn't really change us. What can cause us to change is just experiencing.
Warm regards,